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Streamlined User Management

What’s New

With this latest release, company HR admins can use the TravelBank app to more seamlessly add, edit and permission employees in their organization.

Company admins can now assign individual managers as the direct approver for another employee’s travel requests and expense reports.

With our new Employee Directory table view, HR admins can easily view a snapshot of their TravelBank org and see the permissions, department, manager, travel policy and status of each employee.

HRIS Directory Sync 

Many HR admins at mid-size organizations use an HRIS system to manage employees. To prevent adding another layer of process to their workflow, we built an API directory sync that allows admins to automate the management of their users on TravelBank. Using this HRIS integration, admins can add users, terminate users, and update user details such as email address, department, manager, and role through an automatic CSV import from their HRIS system. The sync can be scheduled to occur as frequently as you’d like. To gain access to the HRIS Sync integration, please reach out to

Table View of Employee Directory 

With this release we are introducing a new employee directory table view that will allow HR admins to view and edit employees permissions, department, manager, travel policy, and status from one intuitive screen. Admins can access the new table view by clicking into Employee Directory from the Company Settings page.

Admins can filter each row in the table, select employees to edit, and complete actions such as reassigning the employee to a different manager, sending out an invitation, or terminating the employee. The number at the top of the page shows employee count and will automatically update to show the number of employees selected.  

Direct Approver for Travel & Expenses

HR admins can now designate a selected manager as the approver for an employee’s travel requests and expense reports. Admins can do this by inputting the assigned manager’s email address as a column in a CSV import or by individually selecting and editing employees’ manager assignments. 

When a user is assigned as another employees manager, they will be the approver for all travel requests and expense reports that employee submits for approval. If an employee is designated as a manager for another employee but is unavailable (i.e. they have not yet activated their TravelBank account or have been terminated from the organization), the submitted travel request or expense report will automatically be re-routed to the manager of the unavailable manager, the HR admin (for travel approvals) or the finance manager (for expense reports). 

For all existing department managers, the current first level approver will be designated as the direct manager for all employees in that department after the update. Please be sure to go into settings to setup your user’s roles to ensure approval requests are being routed to the correct manager.

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For any additional questions about this feature, please reach out to your customer success account manager via email or in-app chat.