TravelBank + U.S. Bank Instant Card™

Offering an integrated virtual card, expense management, and travel solution.

When expenses for things like supplies, materials or travel arise, employees may have to pay for these items with a personal credit card and then seek reimbursement. The process is often time-consuming and slow, not to mention prone to errors and possible fraud.

The U.S. Bank Instant Card is a fast, efficient, and easy way for your business to extend purchasing power to those individuals without giving up control.

U.S. Bank Instant Card allows organizations to set spending limits, block merchant categories codes (MCCs), and customize expiration dates specific to a business purpose.

Paired with the TravelBank app, businesses can issue virtual cards to an employee needing to purchase laptops for remote work, a consultant buying materials for a project, or a candidate traveling to interview for a new position in just a few clicks, and track that spend as it occurs.

Set up and payment is easy.

TravelBank has an exclusive integration with Instant Card allowing admin users to create and assign a virtual credit card to an individual to use with just a few simple steps, directly within the TravelBank app.




In the TravelBank app,

navigate to:

  1. 1.Company Settings
  2. 2.Corporate Card Management
  3. 3.Connect to Your U.S. Bank Account
  4. 4.Create New Card

Enter basic recipient details including name, email address, mobile phone number and optional employee ID.

You set the credit limit and expiration date.

Push the Instant Card.

Recipients will receive an email with instructions to access the Instant Card and can start using it immediately to make purchases on their smart device or with their Apple Wallet.


What is a virtual credit card?

A virtual credit card is a unique 16-digit account number similar to a traditional corporate credit card – except there’s no physical plastic card. You can set spending limits, restrict MCC codes and set an expiration date for the virtual card so it deactivates automatically.

Why choose Instant Card?

Simplicity. The U.S. Bank Instant Card is a powerful payment method that’s streamlined and easy to use. All it takes is a single click for a recipient to download the Instant Card card details into their Apple Wallet and begin using. Funds are available for immediate use and there’s no wait or need for a physical card. 

Will I have real-time visibility into purchases made with Instant Card?

Program administrators can access transaction reporting within either U.S. Bank Access® Online or TravelBank’s expense management application as settled transactions are available.

The Value of TravelBank + Instant Card Together

Get started in minutes. 

Companies can issue Instant Card virtual cards with a predefined budget and expiration date, review expenses, and take actions to enforce expense policy directly in the TravelBank app. 

Ease of use. 

Instant Cards can be used immediately and integrate with Apple Pay, allowing employees to make physical payments with their card in cases like a post-pay hotel reservation that would typically require a faxed credit card authorization form.

Real-time visibility. 

Expenses made with Instant Card automatically show up in your employee’s expense list in the TravelBank app where they can attach receipt photos or add other expense details. 

Control spend. 

Finance admin can access, manage, and reconcile transaction data from all of their U.S. Bank corporate cards in one place, and rest easy knowing your team will always stay within budget with predefined card limits.

Reduce fraud.

Instant Card uses a uniquely generated card number, expiration date and security code as a proxy making it highly secure. Setting card limits for only what needs to be purchased and short expiration periods limits fraud. Mobile wallet use provides an additional layer of payment security.

Who could benefit from Instant Card?

  • Business traveler without a corporate card needs to go on business travel
  • Event manager needs to pay vendors for a company event
  • Recruiter needs to fly in a candidate for an on-site interview
  • Contractor needs to procure gas and supplies for a project
  • Consultant needs to charge various project-related expenditures

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