Earn TravelBank Rewards When You Save

We use real-time pricing data to create a budget for your business trip. Beat the budget and earn tax-free TravelBank Rewards in addition to credit card and loyalty points.

How to Earn Rewards

It’s your turn to earn! Booking lodging under the average rate located above the travel search results earns you Rewards points redeemable for gift cards on products, services, and experiences you already love. Your travel policy decides the percentage of saving that’s given back to you as reward points.

PRO TIP : Earn even more points by booking alternative lodging, like Airbnb, or staying with a friend!

Where to Redeem Rewards

PRO TIP: Reward yourself with an Amazon.com Giftcard and choose from hundreds of brandname cards online.

Why do I pay upfront for my Rewards?

The cost of your Reward is expensed with your travel booking. It may look like you’re fronting the bill for your hard earned points, but when your trip is expensed, submitted, and approved, you’ll receive the full amount back from your company.

Questions about Rewards?

Chat with us in the app or email support@travelbank.com