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Introducing: TravelBank Premium Insights

Increase visibility with a user-friendly and fully customizable dashboard that allows you to monitor all of your spend, leakage, and trends in one place.

Premium Insights streamlines the ability for both admins and department managers to track and report on every metric within their respective teams. With expenses and bookings captured in one place, you can customize and export data to monitor real-time spend and compliance as employees spend against company policies.

Get Data at a Glance

With Premium Insights, you gain access to a summary of items in your organization, including receipts for both travel and expenses, top savers, approval compliance, high spend items, and even airfare and hotel booking leakage.

On the expense side, see all expense reports that have been submitted at any given time – and which are outstanding.

Measure Spend

Quickly learn more about the high-level state of your organization’s spend, and use travel and expense dashboards get a more focused view into each area of spend.

Monitor total savings against your travel policy, and identify how often employees are booking over or under budget.

Predict Costs

Use historical data as benchmarks to help forecast future spend and improve employee behavior.

View expense spend by category to monitor categories spending outside of budget.

Custom Reporting

Use your spend data to build configurable reports that answer more specific questions.

  • Analyze the top vendors your company expenses by categories like advertising, lodging, or software
  • See where your highest spenders are traveling and their expense submission timeliness
  • See how employee adoption and compliance with the booking platform changes over time

Plus, Automate Your Alerts

Schedule hourly, daily, or weekly Insight reports to your inbox and view your data on the go. Set up trigger reports that are sent to your inbox anytime there’s an exception or a threshold is met.

Invest in a predictable T&E process with forward-looking insights.

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