TravelBank Analytics

Increase visibility by monitoring travel spend, employee savings, and travel trends on one user-friendly dashboard.

Analytics streamlines the ability to track and report on every metric. With bookings and expenses captured in one place, managers can utilize analytics to make better decisions about spend, and monitor real-time savings as employees book against company policies.

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How Analytics Benefit You & Your Company

Measure Spend

View total travel spend on a company, department, or employee basis to better understand team spending habits.

Predict Costs

Use historical data as benchmarks to help forecast future spend and improve employee behavior.

Track Savings

Monitor overall savings against your travel policy, and view employees booking over and under budget.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Allow your team to see historical data, forecast spend, and identify areas where there’s an opportunity to improve employee behavior.

Real-Time Data

See exactly how much teams are spending compared to the suggested budget that was calculated based on destination, travel dates, and real-time market rates at the time of their booking.

Monitoring & Alignment

Having the ability to monitor overall savings against your policies, and implement approval flows for employees bookings that are over budget gives your finance team the control they need to keep your program aligned to your company’s financial goals.

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