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Negotiated Hotel Rates

As a premium service, TravelBank negotiates corporate rates in your top destinations and markets to help your employees save on business trips.

We’ll help you build a hotel program to lock in competitive rates.

TravelBank leverages your current hotel stay volume and combines it with our aggregate customer volume to negotiate the best rates for your business.

How It Works

  1. 1.You provide TravelBank a list of 5 hotel properties you would like us to contact.*
  2. 2.Our team negotiates rates.
  3. 3.We load the discounted rates into the TravelBank app, making it easy for your employees to book with a discounted rate on their next business trip.

Example of negotiated exclusive rates.


The starting fee is $2,500. Your success representative is happy to discuss costs in further detail.

*TravelBank will provide alternative suggestions if corporate rates are not offered by your specific selection(s).

Not sure what hotels are right for your business?

Provide TravelBank with your top destinations and markets, and we’ll suggest 5 hotels based on your spend.

Chat with us in the TravelBank app or email