Jumpcut Saves Time & Eases Expense Reimbursement


At a Glance

The Customer

Video production company creating mind-blowing online courses.

The Challenge

  • Expensify for travel expense reimbursements was time consuming and a poor user experience
  • Processes for booking travel for employees and candidates were inefficient and time-consuming

The Solution

Selected TravelBank due to the intuitive experience and ease of use.

The Results

  • Submitting for reimbursement is now quicker and easier, saving time for Jumpcut employees
  • Booking travel is quick and easy, and can be done all online or the mobile app
  • Using TravelBank feels equivalent to hiring a people operations coordinator in house
  • Out of 26 bookings, Jumpcut saved a total of $3,276.27, after the cost of rewards, with an average savings per booking of 16.14%

"Out of 26 bookings made in the app, we realized a total savings of $3,276.27, after the cost of rewards. The average savings per booking was $126.01, with an average percentage of 16.14%."

– Jennifer Leshkevich, Producer

The Customer

Jumpcut makes mind-blowing online courses that help people develop the skills they need to turn their passions into a successful business. Jumpcut’s first course is a comprehensive YouTube Influencer course, where the world’s top influencers teach you how to create compelling, original content, develop a massive following online, and monetize your audience so that you can live a life pursuing your passions.

The Challenge

Jumpcut employees previously used Expensify to keep track of travel expenses and submit for reimbursements. “We found it to be a very poor user experience and multiple employees were complaining about Expensify. Many people hated the clunky platform, specifically how time consuming it was, and the complicated UI/UX. Some employees even chose to skip receiving reimbursements, and just lose the money, in order to avoid using the platform altogether,” explained Jennifer Leshkevich, former director of people and culture, currently producer, Jumpcut.

Additionally, Jennifer was manually booking travel for numerous Jumpcut colleagues as well as candidates. Both of the company’s processes for booking travel and managing expenses were inefficient and wasted time.

The Solution

One of Jumpcut’s production interns had previously used TravelBank and recommend it. “We were among the first users when TravelBank was released. After our COO gave it one try himself, we were totally sold. It was a far better experience and more intuitive than anything we had ever tried in the past,” stated Jennifer.

“TravelBank put us in touch with our customer success rep immediately, and he was very helpful as we got set up. While the platform is intuitive, we still appreciated the support and training sessions provided by TravelBank.”

The Results

Easy Reimbursement Processing

Expense management runs parallel to the travel experience, making it easy to track and submit reports. Expenses are automatically created for any travel booked in TravelBank, completely eliminating the effort required to add expenses one by one in another app. The process of submitting for reimbursement is now significantly quicker and easier, saving time for Jumpcut employees.

Quick, Easy Travel Booking with Beneficial Rewards

While expense reimbursement capability is what sold Jumpcut initially, the company expanded use of the platform to include booking travel. Booking travel via TravelBank has been a very positive experience for Jumpcut employees. It’s easy to use and people appreciate the ability to do it all online or within the mobile app.

“For our ‘Road Warriors,’ it’s vital to be able to continue accumulating status points through various hotel and airline club memberships. TravelBank supports this easily, by enabling users to enter their membership info. We have found TravelBank to be very easy to use. People love it, they love how easy it is.”

“Using TravelBank feels equivalent to hiring a people operations coordinator in house. It takes care of all the little (but time consuming!) things a person would do manually, but without the actual cost of hiring someone,” stated Jennifer.

Cost Savings, Travel Rewards, and Excellent Service

Jennifer continued, “Out of 26 bookings made in the app, we realized a total savings of $3,276.27, after the cost of rewards. The average savings per booking was $126.01, with an average percentage of 16.14%.”

“We’ve also been so pleased with the service we’ve received from TravelBank. We feel like Jumpcut is part of the TravelBank family! And we love the TravelBank rewards.”

Time Savings

“We have saved a ton of time! We recently shot a video in the Philippines. As the producer, I do logistics for our video recording. Previously, I would have had to go online and book all the flights and hotels for each of the staff members attending. But with TravelBank, I just submitted the list of attendees to TravelBank and their travel agents took care of booking flights. It was really convenient and a big weight off my shoulders.”

Distributing the Travel Booking Workload, Reducing Mistakes

Additionally, when Jumpcut covers the cost of a traveler who isn’t an employee, such as a candidate being recruited, they can book their own travel with TravelBank. While Jumpcut will cover the costs, Jumpcut employees don’t have to act as intermediaries. This has been an additional, significant time-saver.

“In addition to saving time, the travel budget feature gives us peace of mind knowing candidates have the guidance they need to book travel on their own and in accordance with the company’s policies. And this decreases the chance of a travel booking mistake because when people book their own flights, there’s less risk of entering the wrong personal information.

“Honestly, I can’t even think of anything I do not like about TravelBank,” Jennifer concluded.

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