How to: Prioritize Finance Automation Functionality

Automating your finance processes is easier than you might think if you select the right technology solution. Compare fintech automation providers by:

  • The type of system that best suits your needs
  • The integration capabilities of the system
  • The cost and complexity of implementation
  • The level of customization and support available




Greater efficiency

  • Submitted reports are automatically routed for approval to the right person
  • Integrates with the software and tools you’re already using, i.e. QuickBooks, NetSuite,, and Xero
  • Automatically creates expense reports when travel is booked
  • Approved expenses automatically sync with your general ledger or ERP
  • Processes reimbursement automatically
  • Can issue virtual cards to travelers’ wallets
  • Syncs with HR software for employee user management to make adding and deactivating employees simple

Better data & visibility

  • Real-time visibility into company spend
  • Employees can sync their personal, corporate, or virtual card to import transaction details
  • Matches imported transactions with receipt photos
  • Builds custom reports, set run frequency, and schedule delivery to your inbox
  • OCR scans receipts, automatically captures totals, and fills in expense details
  • Custom dashboards allow you to monitor all spend, expenses, and trends in one place

Saving operating costs

  • Calculates trip budgets for every search based on real-time market rates and policy parameters
  • Search results highlight travel options within budget and flag the options that go over budget
  • In-app guidance ensures employees follow the policy rules you’ve dictated
  • Your finance team can block over budget or last-minute  bookings 
  • Trigger approval process if an over budget or last-minute booking is requested
  • Encourage employees to spend under their trip budgets in exchange for rewards

Risk mitigation

  • PDF copy of submitted expense report is emailed to the employee and their manager
  • Flags potential duplicate expenses
  • Employees can’t submit reports with missing receipts or expense details
  • Expense and trip approvals are documented and included in export data
  • A dedicated customer support team can assist with any questions or issues
  • Can restrict virtual card spend based on merchant codes, expiration dates, and more
  • Implementation services ensure your goals are met and ROI maximized

Better employee experience

  • Can capture photos of receipts on the go
  • Takes users less <1 minute to complete an expense report
  • Approvers are alerted when they need to review and approve
  • One-tap approvals
  • If a request needs to be rejected, comment fields allow the approver to communicate why, directly within the approval flow

Questions about finance automation?

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