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Reconcile Your Card Transactions


A sneak peek at what's coming for Expenses & Card Transactions in the TravelBank App.

Easily select the expense and transaction you'd like to merge for submission.

Here we're selecting a transaction from an expensive trip to Starbucks and merging it with an expense that has our receipt.

Next we click "Merge" and just like that, the transaction data has merged with our expense data.

Filter by "Ready to Submit" and "Missing Info"

More filters coming soon!

Warnings for merges with data that doesn't match up.

Merge from Transaction Details

Drill down to view transaction details. Merge with an expense directly on this view by clicking "Merge"

Select from a list of available expenses and your transaction and expenses are ready to submit!

We've removed the avatar and replaced it with icons to help you quickly find what you're looking for.

Questions about what's coming with your expense solution?

Talk to our team.