Manage Candidate Travel with TravelBank

Let us handle the travel so you can focus on building a great team.

When it’s time to grow your team, the last thing you should have to worry about is how to get your candidates on-site for an interview. TravelBank is here to help.

With TravelBank, your candidates can get set up on the mobile or desktop app in 90 seconds, book their own travel within policy or receive itineraries booked on their behalf, track and submit trip expenses, and get reimbursed quickly.

Why TravelBank Works Well for Candidate Travel

Sign up is quick and easy

When you invite candidates to join TravelBank for the first time, getting set up takes less than two minutes.

Flexibility in Booking

Book on behalf of candidates and generate itineraries or let us help them book their own travel within policy and budget.

Eliminate or Speed Up Reimbursements

Assign a company card to candidates and eliminate out-of-pocket costs or process reimbursements in as little as 24 hours.

Access to 24/7 Support

Our dedicated team of travel agents provide concierge-level support so candidates can always contact us directly should travel issues arise.

Savings on Travel Inventory

Gain access to our negotiated rates and diverse inventory.

Flexibility in Booking

It’s up to your recruiting team to decide how they want to handle travel bookings.

Book on Behalf

TravelBank offers a Book on Behalf of Another feature for recruiters who prefer to purchase flights and hotels on behalf of candidates and generate a candidate itineraries without pricing information. With this feature travel is billed to one centralized card, eliminating large out-of-pocket travel costs for the candidates.

Book Independently

Or, you can invite candidates to sign up for TravelBank (a process that takes minutes!) and book their own trips. The TravelBank booking platform guides candidates to book travel within your policy and budget, and you can require approval on all candidate bookings before ticketing.

This feature gives candidates choice and flexibility to book what they want and stay where they want—as long as it’s within budget. You can decide whether candidates book using their personal credit card and get reimbursed through TravelBank or book on a company card to eliminate out-of-pocket costs.

Ready for a better candidate experience?

Getting your candidate travel started on TravelBank takes minutes—not months. Request a demo to see how you can use travel to create a great candidate experience.

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